About the Organisers

The University of Würzburg
With over 600 years of tradition, the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg is today one of Germany's mid-sized universities. 400 professors in 10 faculties here teach roughly 24,000 students.

The University of Würzburg is among the leading institutions of higher education in Germany; this has been confirmed by rankings carried out by national and international research organizations, international external assessment committees as well as by the German Federal and State Excellence Initiatives (founded in 2006). Internationally, the University of Würzburg is also one of the top-ranking academic institutions in many fields of research and study.

The German Pharmaceutical Society
(Deutsche Pharmazeutische Gesellschaft)
The German Pharmaceutical Society (DPhG), founded in 1890 in Berlin, is one of the oldest German scientific societies (10.000 members). The aims of the DPhG are to promote the pharmaceutical sciences and interdisciplinary way of thinking, to encourage junior scientists within the pharmaceutical community, to maintain contact with foreign scientists and with foreign special societies, to facilitate transfer of new scientific knowledge into pharmacy practice, to advise legislative and administrative bodies on pharmaceutical matters and to establish position statements on pharmaceutical questions of public interest.

The European QP Association
The European Qualified Person (QP) Association was founded in July 2006 by the European Compliance Academy’s (ECA) Advisory Board Members. The European Qualified QP Association wants to provide QPs in Europe with a platform allowing them to exchange their experience, discuss the latest regulatory requirements, to identify and address difficulties and challenges and to support a harmonised European approach. http://www.qp-association.eu/

The European Compliance Academy (ECA)
The European Compliance Academy (ECA) was founded on the 1st of January 1999. The ECA is an independent organisation chaired by a Scientific Advisory Board with 10 members of the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory authorities. With close to 4,000 members, ECA has become the leading European association with regard to pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and GMP compliance. The members from all over Europe and abroad represent more than 60 countries. The ECA Advisory Board represents European regulatory authorities as well as the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. By their voluntary work, the board members support ECA in fulfilling its mission to impart most relevant knowledge on the interpretation and implementation of GMP and regulatory requirements.

The sponsors have entrusted CONCEPT HEIDELBERG with the organisation of their event. If you have questions please contact Mr Detlef Benesch, phone: +49(0) 6221-84 44-45, e-mail benesch@concept-heidelberg.de, Internet: www.concept-heidelberg.de.

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  • coding and track-and-trace technologies;
  • the evolution of data standards;
  • overt, covert and forensic authentication systems;
  • cargo thefts and shipment security;
  • developments in the global regulatory environment;
  • enforcement actions and case studies; and much more

The site incorporates breaking news and features, researched and written by specialist industry journalists and guest writers, as well as a regularly updated feed of external editorial from the world's press, a comprehensive and intuitive directory of security-related goods, technologies and services, plus the latest market research and events in supply chain security across multiple industrial sectors.

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